Saturday, November 22, 2008

Updates on Charles Ellis

Charlie has had a busy weekend already! His Roberson grandparents are here. And Aunt Emily has just arrived.


OhK-Booth said...

Katie and Jason! I am so glad to have found you...I didn't even know you were pregnant, nevertheless had a baby. He is beautiful. It seems like yesterday that we were all in San Angelo together...Congrats!

By the way...I live in Louisville, KY now and am going to Southern Seminary. It is great!

Emily said...

I miss that little guy SO MUCH! Can't wait to kiss his cheeks on the beach!

Sade said...

Congrats on the baby!!! sorry I haven't email all called but being here in Iraq it feels like I am away from reality. How is Jason doing? How was your first chistmas with the baby?

congrats to you and Jason I know you guys will make wonderful parents.